Young Adult Love Books


You’ve been waiting for the one of the best young adult love books and Waters Rise by Emory Towns doesn’t disappoint. Through the eyes of a young girl forced to leave her plush life behind for a year in the national community service program, the story of facing fears, overcoming challenges, and living through betrayal comes to life.

Town’s writing is relatable and enduring. You’ll be sucked into Ashlyn’s world and never want to leave. From her luxury penthouse in New York City to camping in a national park in a small rural town, you’ll live her ups and downs as she struggles to redefine herself amongst strangers. Unlike the majority of recruits in the U Serve America (USA) program, she didn’t volunteer. She was drafted.

With no friends, except one person she’d rather never see again, she’s on her own and in the real world for the first time. Ashlyn’s dream collides when her safety net is pulled from under her. With a cast of diverse characters, she’s faced with unpredictable relationships, friendships, and even a little romance.

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