young Adult fiction Books


This is one of the best young adult fiction books—Waters Rise by Emory Towns. It’s the perfect book for teens looking for a fun, fast-paced read about friends, betrayal, and figuring out life. With relatable and diverse characters, it entertains until the very end.

Do yourself and your squad a favor and get a copy of the book today, because you’re going to want to know Ashlyn Waters. Her journey in a year-long mandatory community service program is full of twists, unpredictable characters, and "a-ha" moments. With college on hold and none of her friends on the journey, she’s left to face her biggest fears which include being in nature. If you think living a national park for year would be like going to nature jail, then you’re not alone—so does Ashlyn.

Get a copy, read it, love it, and pass it on. Your friends will thank you for letting them dip into Ashlyn’s world for a few hours in this young adult fiction book.