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Yallwest, Yallfest, YA, NA, new adult fans get ready for one of 2018’s most popular young adult books, Waters Rise, by Emory Towns. It’s a great story with relatable characters and unexpected twists. It’s a must have for teens and young adults.

Her writing style hooks you from the first page and keeps you entertained until the very end. You’ll be giving this book 5 star reviews on Amazon. It’s a fun, fast-paced read that you’ll enjoy. And you’ll want to share it with friends, family, teens, and teachers. So, get a copy now and find out what everyone is saying about the U Serve America Program (USA).

What could go wrong when Ashlyn Waters, a NYC high schooler, is forced into the national community service program in the middle of a national park? Her world shatters. Without a safety net of family and friends, she must face the real world. Can she survive a year? Find out in this new young adult book.