New Romance NOvels

Want a sweet love story? Look no further than Waters Rise by Emory Towns for one of her new romance novels. This debut book about falling in love at first sight is a page turner that will keep you entertained and wanting more.

Ashlyn Waters had it all. The picture-perfect life and her entire future planned out. After high school, this beautiful teen socialite was headed to college and a career in her family’s firm. But when she got the draft letter, her world shattered. And just when she met “Blue Eyes.” Ripped from her family and friends and the boyfriend she wanted, Ashlyn is forced to work in a national park with complete strangers in the middle of nowhere. 

Without her safety net, she’s out of her comfort zone and faced with the real world for the first time. Now she must figure out how to make it through the next year. Unpredictable friendships and relationships abound on her journey. Her broken heart must heal from betrayal more than once. But will she find the love she so desperately wants? 

You can find out when you get the kindle ebook on Amazon. It’s a fun, fast-paced read that’s relatable. You’ll love it and feel like a teenager again.