New Novels


Okay. You’re down to the last chapter in the book you’re reading and you need another one stat. Well, you must get a copy of the ebook, Waters Rise, by Emory Towns. Best new novels. Seriously, you’ll fall in love with Ashlyn Waters. She’s an ambitious young woman whose life gets turned upside down and must face a new world completely on her own in a forest with a bunch of strangers.

It’s a page-turner that will keep you entertained from start to finish. There a cast of characters from all over the country that come together for a shared experience in the national community service program, U Serve America (USA). But Ashlyn didn’t volunteer for this. She was drafted. And her worst nightmare begins. 

Forced from her luxurious penthouse in New York City, she must spend the next year in a yurt in the middle of the redwood national park. Instead of college, it’s nature jail for her. With a convict as a roommate and a nature lover as her team leader, she’s out of place with no safety net. And her crush on “Blue Eyes” is what every teen faces at some point, but his ambivalence drives her crazy. She’s used to getting everything she wants. Now in the real world, she’s got a lot to learn in order to survive the year.