My Mission

I love this quote and it hangs just above my computer. I’m looking it at it as I write this. It’s what keeps me motivated to do what I can to make our world a friendlier, safer, and healthier place to live.

That’s why I’m writing this fictional series, Volunteer Year. Each book will follow one person's journey as they carry-out their year-long service in U Serve America, the national work program to tackle big and small problems, like helping a town rebuild after a natural disaster, helping the homeless find homes and jobs, and saving our natural treasures.

I hope to start a conversation, plant some seeds, raise some awareness of what we could accomplish if young adults were given the opportunity to help solve the challenges we face—poverty, school safety, education, racism, climate change. 

Now is the time. Young adults are waking up, taking stock of the future they are being handed, and demanding changes. We can fix this if we work together; if we serve one another; if we support each other.

The world is waiting. Let’s start now. Let’s start the conversation of a mandatory work service program to end poverty, reform education, rebuild our infrastructure, and plan for the future. Some, people may gasp at this thought. But just let it sink-in.

Most high school graduates don’t have a clue what they really want to do. They haven’t figured out what they like and who they really are. But they have tremendous energy and hope. If they were given the opportunity to try-out a career through a work service program and get paid (stipend or college tuition/credit), while at the same time making the world around them a better place, wouldn’t that be amazing.

Individuals, private companies, and government working together to solve the problems we complain about but have felt incapable of tackling could literally change America forever— for the better.

Now is the time to be the change. I want to be part of the solution. I want my son to live in a better world and have more opportunities. I want clean water, clean air, healthy food, amazing education, plentiful jobs, and a safe place for every American to rest their heads at night.

Part of my mission is to donate a portion of my royalties from book sales to causes that help create a better world. I hope that you will inspired to help too.

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