Emory Towns grew up riding a black bull in her back yard in the middle of the city. But now she lives near the beach in Santa Monica and rides a kayak. She jumps at the chance to camp with her husband, son, and dog.

Random facts about me:

  • I’ve lived in Louisiana, New York, and California
  • I actually liked reading Beowulf for English Lit in high school
  • I learned to scuba dive in college and didn’t need weights because I always sank
  • My first job out of college was with a waste management company in New Jersey which unbeknownst to me was run by the mafia
  • I can’t resist Ritter’s Sport Chocolate Butter Biscuit
  • I love watching Stranger Things and Outlander
  • I have a dog that looks like an arctic fox crossed with a raccoon
  • I’d rather be swimming than doing anything else