I Hit the Simple Button AND…


After two (okay, three) decades of procrastinating, I decided to write my first novel. I had no idea what I was going to write. But the need to pound out some words into a Word doc was so strong that in January 2017 after working a ten-hour day, helping the kiddo with homework and hand-washing a stack of dishes, I sat down at my computer and wrote two pages without hesitating. I felt great followed by the realization that I didn’t know anything about writing novels. Followed by the next realization that I didn’t know anything about publishing.

I needed help. My husband’s a screen writer, so I was hesitant to ask him. He uses a special program for screen plays and that’s not what I needed. I wanted something simple and free. But I asked anyway. And lo and behold, he sent me a link. I hit the button and poof, a template appeared.

I love my husband and he’d give the shirt, shoes, and socks off his body to help someone. I can’t thank him enough for sending me that link. And I love that Tom Corson-Knowles at TCK Publishing helped make me an author with that one simple Word doc. And the help didn’t stop coming, William ODay, a friend and oh-so-admired, thriller author gave me invaluable insights and turned me onto Joanna Penn, another wizard of self-publishing.

Thanks, Tom, Will and Johanna, and all the writers out there that are not only sharing their stories but their lessons learned and tools. I published my first novel, Waters Rise, in January 2018 and every month more people are helping make my dream come true.

Who are the people that are helping you live your dream? Have you thanked them?