This is not the magical place you’re looking for


Shhh! Let’s keep this on the down low-just between friends. There is a place that is utterly magical, and you’ve got to see it. But I’m only letting my closest peeps in on this one. It’s that good. Promise you’ll keep this to yourselves! Ready? It’s Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Please don’t say it out loud. This gem needs to be kept under wraps!

So it’s at the very top of California in the tiny town of Orick which has one gas station that also serves as the grocery store and Big Foot artifact museum. Across the street is the Palms with the most mouth-watering homemade pies and a jukebox with an eclectic mix of tunes that also reflects its customers. And don’t forget the burl wood shop for those one-of-a-kind garden decorations or better yet gorgeous wood serving platters, bowls and cutting boards.

Just behind the center of town rises ancient gentle giants. I’ve been to lots of national and state parks (this is both) but none have captured my heart and soul like this one. From the other worldly deserted beach jutting out from the deep canyon of ferns (I looked for Ewoks but didn’t find any) to the Cathedral Trail at the visitor center, no other place is as diverse and majestic.

At night in your tent or in our case our travel trailer (yes, after decades of tent camping we traded up and I’ll never go back-sorry, tent lovers), you are hugged by these hundred story redwoods. They ring each campsite creating an intimate circle where your neighbors never feel close enough to become part of your family. The campfire talks are a hit with all ages. The rangers are endearing and helpful-who couldn’t be happy in a place like this? The scenery is like a dream that you never want to end.

So, of course this home away from home was the inspiration for Waters Rise. Only a few thousand people get the opportunity to witness this beauty each year. Why are you waiting? Stop reading this now and book your next vacation now. You’re welcome:)