The Mother of All Trees



For reals. This tree is THE mother of all trees, at least for me. And if you’re wondering if there are really mother trees, the answer is “yes!”  I have basked in the glory of this giantess for three years in a row. Her long body rises hundreds of feet into the sky and her limbs arch out gracefully over a patch of tall green grass. She lives in the Prairie Creek State and National Park. Yep, this park is owned by both the State of California and the Federal government. Somehow, they figured out to work together for the greater good.

If you are a nature lover in the slightest, like fairy tales, or sci-fi, you need to put this on your bucket list. It’s majestic. It’s magical. It’s miraculous. These trees are truly amazing or as Chuck says in the book, “evolution revolutionaries.” You can see her and her entire family up close and personal. Nestled on a bench made from fallen redwoods, you can sit with her and look out onto the wide open field of tall wavering grasses that abut a forest of redwoods as high and as far as you can see. In the summer, you may just see momma and baby elk grazing in that field.

This is one of my beloved happy places and just one of the inspirations behind Waters Rise. Grab a good book, find your mother tree, and escape to your own happy place.