Raccoon, Fox, or Pomeranian?


I never get more than a few feet before someone stops me to say, “Your dog looks like a raccoon or an arctic fox. Wow!” And I reply with pride, “Yes!” We have no idea what mix of pooches has graced our Ruby—part raccoon, part arctic fox, part Pomeranian. Who knows? But it makes for a good way to meet our neighbors and strangers. 

Ruby came to us just before Christmas. We rescued her. She had been thrown from a moving car breaking her pelvis and bruising ribs as she crashed onto the street in Venice, California. A dog lover scooped her up and brought to the vet hospital not far from the accident—that was no accident. She was treated and housed in the adjacent shelter. And then we found her. 

After all that, you would think she would be scarred for life or at least weary of people and cars. But no, she’s all love just waiting for the next ride in the front seat of my car tethered by her doggie seatbelt. She leaves lick marks on the window and paw prints on the tan leather, but my heart is full of love for this little gem of a puppy. 

She is my shadow now and spends her days right by me in her cozy little bed—watching me write and giving me boundless inspiration. Maybe she’ll appear in one of my upcoming books. Our family has grown by one, and we are still celebrating her arrival. And many more will be celebrating dogs this year, too. On February 16, 2018 the Chinese New Year will kick off the year of the dog, which is purported to bring fortune. Hopefully, my writing career will launch to new heights—thanks to each of my fans new and long-time! And those born in the year of the dog, may you prosper easily and happily. 

Thanks to Perfect Pet Rescue and Dr. Stephanie Wallen for giving Ruby a second chance at love and rides.