Hotel USA


It happened in a hotel in the middle of the country and every single guest was part of it whether they wanted it or not. Twelve floors with hundreds of people from young to old stood outside their rooms and over the course of two minutes their hearts where opened wide. The national anthem was sung by the Kentucky State Choir finalists. The beauty of their voices united as one and spread pride and love throughout the entire hotel—waking slumbering guests who became part of the oneness. The pride spilled over into joy as chants of “USA” followed. 

Lucky for us, we got to experience it too through Facebook. As I listened, my eyes immediately teared up and a lump got stuck in my throat. I cried for its beauty and the hope that we can have a united and proud country that comes together under every difficult challenge to face it together and make the next day just a little bit better than today. I know that we have the power to create this beautiful vision. I’ve seen it and so have you. But not enough. It can’t just be symbols like the Statue of Liberty and the American flag. We need more of these spontaneous celebrations of all that’s good in our country, our American culture, our people (born here or immigrated), our strength, and our democracy..

All this took place just days before the 2018 winter Olympics in South Korea. It was a preview for the unfolding of pride and joy felt by everyone. So, every time our national anthem is played as one of our own pushes through to their own challenges to win, we come together as one. What a beautiful site it is. 

Go USA. Go U.S.A. Go U Serve America. Let’s rise together.

#Waters Rise