Best Young Adult Fiction Books


It’s been said that Waters Rise by Emory Towns is one of the best young adult fiction books. You don’t want to miss out on this city girl’s adventure from New York City to the Redwood Forest. With twists and diverse characters, this relatable story will entertain you from beginning to end. Every teen should read this book.

What happens to Ashlyn Waters could happen to you. She was weeks away from graduating high school, taking a senior trip and starting college. But her world shattered when she got drafted. Her entire future was put on hold including a budding romance (at least in her mind). Instead of ivy league school, she was going to camp out in a national park for a year doing manual labor. And she was doing this with strangers from all over the country.

Without her friends, parents, and home, she must face the real world and all that goes along with it. She never could have prepared for this twist of fate. Can she survive it? Could it happen to you?

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