Best Young Adult Books

Waters Rise, by Emory Towns, is one of the best young adult books out now. It’s a relatable story with interesting characters, a great plot and amazing reviews. Everyone who reads it loves it and so will you.

This is a must read for teens and their parents. It’s a story of one young woman, Ashlyn Waters, whose life is turned upside down when her college plans get derailed after being drafted into the national work service program, U Serve America (USA). Her picture-perfect world collides with the real world and people who are nothing like her, or so she thinks. Without her friends and parents, she’s left to figure life out in the middle of nowhere in a national park.

No stranger to volunteer work, Ashlyn is forced to overcome her fears in order to serve the small rural town they are helping. Nothing could have prepared her for the betrayal and unexpected relationships that emerge over the year-long program.

How would you react to a mandatory community service program? Could you survive the year?

To read about her journey and the people she meets along the way, buy a copy of the book now from Amazon. You’ll be glad you did and so will your friends when you tell them about it. And please leave an honest review. It helps authors like me continue doing what we love, and maybe one day, get a great publishing deal.