Best Beach Reads

Vacations, holidays, and downtime are just around the corner, and, finally, you’ll have some time to yourself. What better way to spend a few leisurely hours than with Waters Rise by Emory Towns hailed as the one of the best beach reads. Immerse yourself in the world of Ashlyn Waters and feel like a teenager again.

It’s a great story of love, betrayal, and friendships. Who can’t relate to that? Well, Ashlyn had never experienced the depth of those until she’s forced to leave her New York City penthouse for a wilderness community service program, U Serve America (USA). Without her safety net, she must face the real world with a group of strangers while saving the redwood national park and the small town nearby.

Her college plans are on hold and now she must figure out who she is and what to do in order to survive the year-long program. With a cast of unpredictable characters, Ashlyn sees the real world for the first time. And nothing could have prepared her for it.

So, take the journey with Ashlyn and get a copy today. You’ll be glad you did. Just like other happy readers who reviewed it on Amazon and gave it 5 stars. So relax with your next favorite beach read...